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“When I was a teenager, I began to settle into school because I’d discovered the extracurricular activities that interested me: music and theatre.”

– Morgan Freeman

For Morgan Freeman it was music and theatre that really sparked his interest and whilst we are very proud of our theatre and musical offer at Duchess’s High School we want to also highlight the many other wonderful activities that we have on offer for the young people in our community. We want everyone to have a chance to enjoy, learn and grow as an individual and a member of a team in their time in our school. We want to celebrate the efforts and talents of all our young people as they move through our school and prepare for adulthood.

There is so much on offer at DCHS in terms of extra curricular it really is a case of not having enough room to mention everything we do! However, some notable highlights of what you can do are a variety of sports across the year, French Puppet Theatre, VEX Robotics, Creative Writing Club, Homework Club, Extra Languages, Chromebook Club, Debating & Magistrates Court, Textiles, Maths Drop ins, Conservation Club , Chromebook Club, Dance, Key Project Fund, LEGO Robotics, Science Club, Celidh Band, Set design, Capella Choir, Choir, Band Workshops, Celidh band, the annual senior school play and the annual school musical both on stage and in the technical lighting or sound side, stage management or publicity and photography!

We want you to take pride in your interests, develop them and have opportunities to use them around our local community. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved!

Resources & Help

The Extra Curricular timetable is displayed below and is available on the student bulletin for students to see when the different variety of clubs run either at lunchtimes or after school. Below the timetable is the 'Extra-Curricular Menu' which gives more details about each activity.

Extra Curricular Activities 2022/2023
Extra-Curricular Menu 2022/2023


A variety of staff are involved in the different clubs in school. If you are not sure who is responsible for an area ask your form teacher or another adult in school who will find the answer for you.