Anti Bullying

Anti Bullying:

The Duchess’s Community High School seeks to provide a safe, secure and positive environment where young people can achieve their potential, making full use of the opportunities available to them and have the right to be treated with respect and to be free from intimidation. The school seek to protect these basic human rights by ensuring: 

If you discover your child is being bullied, please contact the school as soon as possible to make sure we know what is happening.  Your child’s form tutor would be the usual first point of contact, although please contact any member of staff you are comfortable speaking with.   It is important to have as much information as possible to allow us to respond as comprehensively as possible.  Names and places where any incidents have taken place are valuable.  We take any and all reports of bullying seriously. 

We aim to educate all our children to make them aware of what bullying is; the forms it may take; and the importance of speaking out.

Our assembly timetable and PSHCE reflect the importance we place on anti-bullying at DCHS with events such as Anti-Bullying week with Odd-Socks day and Friendship Friday celebrated across the school.