Please read the following information carefully regarding music lessons. As this is a new academic year, all continuing students will need to reapply. To complete the application, please go to the following link:

The Music Department runs a peripatetic music scheme, which allows students to receive lessons from external teachers on a number of instruments. In 2024/25 we are pleased to be able to offer lessons on the following instruments and tutors:

Music Partnership North (MPN)- Will require online registration in addition to this application at the following website If you have previously had lessons with MPN at this school or otherwise, the process is the same as previous years.

MPN Tutors:

- Mr Vallance, Ms Nicklen, Mr D Lyst, Mrs Barber, Mr Johnstone


- Trumpet, French Horn, Tuba, Trombone, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Northumbrian Pipes, Violin, Viola, Accordion, Musical Theatre, Drums

Private Teachers

- Dr McMenamin - Piano

- Mr Brown - Piano

- Mr Lee - Bass, Guitar (£17 per lesson)

- Mr Brewis-Scott - Voice/Musical Theatre

Pupils can have lessons on more than one instrument if they so wish. We ask that all students are signed up through our application form in the first instance.

The price per lesson is dependent on the teacher. Under normal circumstances you will receive an invoice from the individual teacher/ MPN at the start of each term detailing costs, how to pay and the deadline for payment. The price list is below:

Private Teachers Rates:

● £19.00 per individual 30 minute lesson (unless stated differently above).

● Shared lessons £9.50 per fortnightly lesson

Music Partnership North Rates:

● £19.00 per individual 30 minute lesson, £13.08 per individual 20 minute lesson.

● £9.78 per shared lesson

Shared lessons are available for all students. Teachers will either offer students one lesson a fortnight or do a joint lesson with another student depending on their current level of ability. Please indicate on the form if you wish for your child to have shared lessons.

For students who fall under our pupil premium category in school, or you wish to find out more about the Discretionary Hardship Fund please read below regarding fees.

* MPN is providing FREE instrument hire to encourage students to continue musical learning. Usually, the cost of hiring county instruments (currently £22.50 per term) is included in your invoice each term. Please indicate on your application form if this applies to you.

Terms and Conditions 2024-2025

Fees are payable to the individual teachers once you have received the invoice. If payment has not been received by the deadline stated on the invoice then the lessons will be stopped until payment has been received. If there is a financial issue, please contact Mr Ridley at your earliest convenience.

If a student wishes to discontinue lessons, we ask the following to be adhered to:

o To give up at the end of the autumn term – notice given by the start of October half term.

o To give up at the end of the spring term – notice given by the start of February half term.

o To give up at the end of the summer term – notice given by the start of May half term.

● It is assumed that the student will continue their lessons for the year unless the tutor is informed otherwise.

● We will provide up to 30 lessons of tuition a year and it will be the student’s responsibility to be present for all lessons. We will try our absolute best to ensure that your child will not miss the same lesson each week.

● If a lesson is not given because the teacher is unable to attend, the lesson will either be made up at a later date or the cost of that lesson will be refunded.

● Students are required to give two weeks’ notice/ or as much as possible to their teacher if they are going to miss a lesson for any reason (such as school trips/exams) or need it to be rearranged. Instrumental teachers are employed for the lessons that they are in school, whether or not the student attends.

● If a student misses a lesson through illness then they will still be charged as the teacher will still be paid for that day.

Remission Scheme - Music Partnership North

● Pupils must be taking lessons with one of our MPN Teachers to receive remission. These are Mr Vallance, Ms Nicklen, Mr D Lyst, Mrs Barber.

● The student must be taking GCSE or A Level Music and attended a minimum of 70% of lessons to qualify

● When a student signs up for lessons there is a box to tick for GCSE remission scheme, the £30 is then deducted automatically to adjust the bill. This can be done on all studied instruments.

Pupil Premium Students - DCHS

● £30 will be deducted from a termly bill, charged to DCHS, provided students attend 70% of lessons over

the term period.

● As tutors often request payments at the beginning of a term period, teachers will be informed prior to

sending out billing requests.

● Should a pupil not attend 70% of lessons in the Autumn Term without good reason, the following term

will be adjusted accordingly.

BOOST Discretionary Hardship Fund

BOOST is a charity working in partnership with DCHS to remove barriers to learning and provide new learning experiences. They may be able to offer financial support to any family that is unable to meet the full cost of music lessons. If you would like to request support from BOOST you can do that here. If you would like further information or you would like to talk to someone about the support you may be able to receive, please email Please be assured that the process is confidential.

The Discretionary Hardship Fund has supported more than 40 students since it launched in summer 2023. If you are in a position to donate to help BOOST continue to provide this support you can do that here.

If you have, any further questions regarding lessons please contact Mr Ridley on

To complete the application, please go to the following link: