Pi Day Competition

Pi Day - Thursday 14th March 2024 (3.14)

How many digits of pi can you recite from memory in the correct order with no more than a 5 second pause between each digit?

The DCHS student who recites the most digits of pi from memory in the correct order will win a Family 'Pi' Steak Pie from Turnbulls!

All entrants who can recite at least 10 digits of pi from memory in the correct order will win an individual steak pie from Turnbulls!

Please see Mrs Hopper if you would like to enter. 

Deadline for entries is Friday 16th February!  

What is Pi?

Pi, or π, is a mathematical constant and represents the ratio between the distance around a circle (this is known as the circumference) and the diameter of the circle, resulting in the same number every time. The number, though, is odd. It starts at 3.14159265... and continues forever. Numbers like this are known as irrational numbers.
When you divide the circumference of any circle by its diameter, the answer (whether for a pizza or football) is always approximately 3.14, which is represented by the Greek letter π.

The First 1000 Digits of Pi


How many could you remember?