New Look Newsletter

This week we are introducing a new way to communicate with home. The Vlog was started in the post pandemic world in an attempt to engage with homes in a way that had certainly been lacking over the lockdown period, and although we have had some really positive comments regarding our vlogs since we started in role two years ago, we are also very conscious that some families would prefer to receive a text based newsletter.

In looking at how best to share the positive news stories from school, we would like to try sending a 'sway' every fortnight to parents/carers. This newsletter will not only include key updates from school, but will allow school to share photos of students and student work with the school community - clearly celebrating the great and good at DCHS.

We hope you enjoy this weeks first edition - it was great to spend time this week curating all the incredible opportunities that have been afforded to our students.

Mr Rogers & Mr Wilson


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