The Duchess’s High School Trust is a registered charity, established in 1994 to support children’s education at the Duchess’s Community High School. Since 2020, a new group of trustees have been building the profile and role of the charity - working in partnership with the school to give students a boost through three core objectives:

Removing barriers to learning

Enhancing the learning environment

Enabling new learning opportunities

In the last three years we have raised more than £100,000 to support lunchtime clubs, breakfast Grab n Go, DCHS Pride, cultural experiences, sporting activities, specialist sexual health advice, mental health support, Open Book Project and much more. None of these things would have happened without our charity providing a boost to every student and supporting the challenges of growing up in England’s most rural county.

In this time it has become clear that the charity name is confusing and last year trustees agreed that the charity needed a new identity and a more dynamic look. We have chosen the name ‘BOOST’ because it describes what we want to achieve through the charity and makes it clearer that we are an independent body (not part of DCHS). The charity will be known as ‘BOOST’ from 5th June 2023.

Nothing else about our charity will change and we will continue to strengthen our collaboration with school staff, parents, students, volunteers, local businesses and the wider community to benefit young people at DCHS.

Please explore our new website at or find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn (@BoostDCHS) to find out more about the difference we are making for young people at DCHS.

We are all excited about what this new phase will bring and I would love to hear from you if you would like to get more involved. We are particularly looking for businesses that can support BOOST projects and for individuals who would be interested in joining us as a volunteer or a trustee. Please get in touch if you can help.

Best wishes

Katherine Williams