Vlog 20th January 2023

Welcome to 2023 - Welcome to the first Vlog of 2023.


Strike impact at DCHS - At the moment we do not know what the impact of the National strike on the 1st of February. We will inform parents when we do.


Student Voice - We relaunched student voice this morning at DCHS. We are excited by the change to the system and the fact we will have more voices heard this way. You can watch the presentation here (Student Voice Presentation)

Andrew Tate - we are taking time in school to speak to students regarding the rise of the misogynistic views of Andrew Tate. Rather than holding whole year group assemblies on the issue we have found more success tackling the views directly when we know. You can read the same guidance here: (How to talk to students about Andrew Tate)


Wakeup Wednesday - A reminder that every Wednesday we share the latest advice from National Online Safety regarding an area of online safety. You can find the documents in the 'online safety' section of the website here (DCHS Online Safety) 


Options Evening 26th Jan- We look forward to seeing families from Year 9 and Year 11 next Thursday. We appreciate that coming into school may cause a challenge on the evening. As with the last two years, we will be opening the Options website next Monday and you can access all the information on this site rather than attend on the evening.