Vlog 6th May 2022

The summary of the vlog is as follows:

Return of the Vlog

The fact that this is the first vlog in nearly two months is a reflection of the impact of covid on colleagues over this time, and the fact that some ‘norms’ in school have been disrupted through staffing shortages and impact of covering lessons during the school day.

Internet outage

This week saw a total internet blackout in school, meaning that our phone lines were down for a short period on Wednesday morning. Thankfully our team rectified this quickly and the impact on students was minimal. Thanks for the patience during this time.

Purpose of the vlog

As we move further away from Covid, we hope that this vlog returns to its primary purpose - to update the community on what is going on in school.

Positive news stories

Thanks for those that have been in touch, and please continue to let us know about student success in the community. A special mention to those students involved in the historic game at St. James Park last weekend!

Visitors to the school

As we continue to look outward for school improvements, we are seeing an increase in the number of visitors to school, who are either visiting to share, or indeed to observe good practice.

Exam Season

Next week is the final week before the external exam season opens. We want to take the opportunity to wish our students the very best of luck in these exams. We know how hard they have worked over the last two years, despite the covid interruptions that they have had to endure.

County lines input

This week and next, Northumbria Police are giving an input in assemblies to all year groups as part of a direct response to the ongoing police operations in the area. They have provided a video for parents regarding ‘county lines’. this video is not being shown to the students but offers an explanation to adults as to what the police mean by this terminology which is being used nationally at the moment. You can watch the video here.