A wide range of educational and recreational visits is offered to students, in addition to curriculum-related day trips in term time.

In recent years, there have been Year 13 Urban Geography Day in Newcastle, Year 9 History Trips to Beamish, Year 12 Biology visits to Ford Castle, Geography & Science Conferences in Newcastle, trips to the First World War Battlefields in Flanders, Ski trips to Italy, France and Austria, Oxbridge Conferences, Sociology Trips, Trips to Germany and Spain, French Exchange visits, Year 12 Science Workshops at the Centre for Life, and Y9 DNA Practical and Chemistry explosions at Sunderland University! There have also been Music department trips to far away places like Italy, Austria and Canada and sports tours to South Africa. Since 2008 we have also been developing links with a high school in China. Sixty students have already visited China, an e-pal scheme is established, staff exchanges have taken place and a number of Sixth Form students will visit for a gap year. In 2018 there was a trip to Iceland. There have been trips to the Stadium Of Light (Engineering Exp), Centre For Life, Nissan and Wilderness days for Years 7 and 8.