Theatre Studies


“All The World’s a Stage, and all the men and women merely players…. They each have their exits and entrances..”

– William Shakespeare

A-Level Drama and Theatre is an exciting, demanding and thought provoking acting and directing course that suits creative people who want to develop social and emotional expertise, close analysis, empathy and concise written skills in an Artsmark Gold rigorous environment where we seek to understand the styles of practitioners and demonstrate our understanding of them in both practical and written situations whilst providing many opportunities through our 2 performances a year at The Alnwick Playhouse.

Key Stage 5

Building on the AQA GCSE Course, although you don’t have to have GCSE Drama to be accepted onto the course- just have demonstrated or be willing to demonstrate involvement in the creative art areas outside of the curriculum- you will study 3 units across 2 years:

Drama & Theatre- a unit that requires the study and analysis of 2 theatre play texts in full and also analysis of live theatre seen during the course. (40% of course)

Creating Original Drama- Create and perform practically and produce a 3000 word analysis of a devising piece of theatre influenced by a practitioner. (30%)

Making Theatre- Studying 3 play texts and considering performances influenced by a practioner with 1 extract being being performed for a visiting AQA examiner and the production of a 3000 word essay. (30%)


Making Theatre- 1 examination at the end of Yr 13 that lasts 3 hours and tests understanding of 2 play texts and live theatre seen during the course.

Creating Original Drama- Performance of a devised piece of drama and a reflective report of 3000 words showing understanding of how a practioner has influenced the writing, workshopping and performance of the piece. Internally assessed and externally moderated.

Making Theatre- Performance of 1 extract of a scripted play having analysed 3 plays in total. Show how a practioner has influenced the work through a 3000 word essay. Externally assessed by AQA

Examination Boards

We follow the AQA board for this qualification at A-Level. The link to this board is

Resources to Support Learning

Texts must be purchased by students ahead of the course. If you feel you may need support please contact the 6th form office.

‘An Actor Prepares’- Stanislavski

‘A Director’s Handbook’ Katie Mitchell

‘An Experiment with an Airpump’- Shelagh Stephenson

‘Hedda Gabler’- Henrick Ibsen

‘Our Country’s Good’ Timberlake Wertenbaker

Other texts to purchase will depend on cohort interest for Yr 13 and more detail will be available through the class teacher teacher.

Careers Links

We have very strong links with The Alnwick Playhouse- there are opportunities to work with professional technicians in theatres and in live show settings. Previous alumni are involved professionally either as theatre technicians or performers. In addition this course also grows resilience and confidence and compliments well other Creative subjects.

Subject Staff

Mr M. Allenby

Mrs S. Price

Mrs R. Bush