Why choose sociology? Studying sociology offers insights into social and cultural issues. It helps you develop a multi-perspective and critical approach to understanding issues around culture, identity, religion, crime, families and social power. More than once during the course you’re bound to ask yourself the question, “why has society developed like this? With poverty, ignorance, crime and injustice.”

What skills will I learn? A-level Sociology will help you develop a range of skills that will benefit you, whether you decide to go on to further study or the working world, including: the use of evidence to support your arguments, how to investigate facts and use deduction, critical thinking, making reasoned arguments, developing opinions and new ideas on societal issues, the ability to analyse and better understand societal issues.

Where will it take me? Sociology is a great choice of subject for people who want a career in social work, nursing or medicine. But the subject is also useful in a number of other careers, like marketing, advertising, politics and policy making, PR, journalism, law or teaching.

Key Stage 5

What will I study? Throughout the course the focus will be on UK society today and where relevant, the siting of UK society within a globalised context.

In the first year you’ll consider the purpose of education and how factors such as gender, ethnicity, family income and teacher labelling can affect educational achievement. You’ll learn how sociologists conduct research, from interviews to reviewing documents and official statistics. You’ll also study families and learn about key changes to family structure and the experience of childhood.

In the second year you’ll broaden your understanding of society. You’ll learn about criminal and deviant behaviour, including factors that might lead a person to follow this path in life and how the media portrays them. You’ll expand on your knowledge of research methods and study beliefs in society and sociologists’ views on the purpose of religion.


All assessment is through external exams at the end of year 13. There is no coursework. There are 3 exams which last 2 hours each and worth 80 marks each. All questions are compulsory. Question styles include short answer and essay questions.

Examination Boards


Resources to Support Learning

Free resources include the Napier Press website – a companion to our core text book – which includes workbooks to download, research activities, quizzes, links to relevant videos and websites.

There is a dedicated Google team drive for sociology which includes powerpoints, worksheets, exam papers and mark schemes.

Careers Links

This includes guest speakers and lessons dedicated to learning about career opportunities.

Subject Staff

Mrs J. Copeland