“Government’s first duty is to protect its people, not run their lives”

– Barack Obama

In Politics we look at how both UK and US politics aims to achieve this, and discuss where the lines may be blurred and which parts of the political system seek to take advantage over other parts. We also consider how people develop their political opinions and beliefs that try to shape our world.

Key Stage 5

The course provides a good understanding of how Politics operates in both the UK and the USA. You will gain an insight into why and how people vote, looking at the influences upon British voters, the role of the mass media and also look at alternative voting methods that could be considered. The different opinions, ideologies and policies of the major political parties are researched to help gain an understanding of why politicians view things so differently.

Another unit covers how the UK political process operates, from the influence of judges, the roles of MP’s and the relationship between Parliament, Government, Prime Minister and Cabinet. The impact of the EU upon UK politics is also discussed.

There is a complete unit on the politics of the USA, where its Constitution is studied along with the roles and relationships between the Congress, President and the Supreme Court within the American system of government. The election systems and the role of democracy within the US is another theme looked at.

Politics students discuss and debate key issues during class time and are encouraged to contribute regularly and develop their analytical skills.

There is NO PREVIOUS study of politics required, though having a general interest in current affairs and politics is useful.


The A Level is completely exam based, with there being three exams each lasting two hours. students do have a limited choice in their essay questions. some questions are source based.

One exam covers UK politics and core ideologies, the second exam covers UK government and non-core ideologies, whilst the third exam is all on the politics of the USA. See link to specification attached.

Examination Boards

The A Level is with Edexcel, specification 9PLO

Resources to Support Learning

The department makes use of Google Classroom to show video clips, past papers and mark schemes along with numerous articles.

We also make use of Politics Review magazine to discuss relevant topical issues.

The specification can be accessed at https://qualifications.pearson.com/en/qualifications/edexcel-a-levels/politics-2017.html

Careers Links

Politics is a subject that allows students to understand the qualities of not just debating, but accepting that there are a range of differing viewpoints, each with valid rationales. It is seen as a good A Level to have when progressing to university as it provides students with key analytical and evaluative skills. It does not just prepare students for political life but goes far beyond this. Far ranging careers from Journalism to Management can be achieved with a Politics A Level.

Subject Staff

Mr C. Routledge

Mr K. Broughton