Food, Health & Wellbeing


This exciting new curriculum is led by the food and nutrition, health and social care, child development and life skills team of staff.

It allows you to experience the above subjects, giving you the unique opportunity to develop skills and deepen the knowledge that we believe is paramount to preparing you for life beyond the classroom.

With so many topical health and well-being concerns being highlighted in the national press, we took this as an opportunity to respond to this society wide issue and equip our you with the correct skills and guidance to support you in being able to make informed decisions about your own health and lifestyle choices.

Key Stage 3

You will be taught by the same teacher one double lesson per fortnight and will gain the opportunity over three years of building and developing relevant skills needed for the life stage you’re in to enable you to develop into a well-rounded, kind, resilient and confident young person who knows the importance of valuing your own and other people’s health and well-being. This curriculum includes sex and relationship education across the key stage and the opportunity to experiment with a range of dishes that you can make independently at home to nourish your body.

Some topics you may have the opportunity of experiencing across the year.

Year 7- Being Kind, healthy lifestyles, including mental health, friendships and relationships- what do they look like?, correct use of language, development in infancy, babysitting, being home alone, staying safe, food miles, hygiene, use of equipment, sensory testing, food safety, practical making with the focus on the testing out nutritious recipes and lots more!

Year 8- Healthy lifestyles, including mental health and body image, developing relationships, presentation, appropriate relationships, communicating to different audiences, development in adolescence, costing of food , practical making with the focus on the use of nutritious recipes and much more!

Year 9- Healthy lifestyles, including mental health and substance misuse, relationship qualities and consent, ageing population, stereotypes and labeling, the importance of play for children’s development, event planning, needs of differing life stages, dietary requirements, food storage and temperatures and participation in practical making with the focus on the use of nutritious recipes that you can adapt and more!

Careers Links



Food scientist

New food product development

Food manufacturing





operating theatre technician

Play Specialist








And many more with over 350 job roles available in the NHS- the biggest employer in the UK!

Subject Staff

Mrs R. Milburn

Mrs L. Brown

Mrs N. Bettaney

Mrs L. Milburn

Mrs D. Murphy

Mrs R. Makamure