Design & Technology


Our experienced team is passionate about design and creative approaches to problem solving across a range of materials. The use of modern technology is a key skill here as we prepare our students for future careers in the design industry. Ours is a subject where you turn your ideas from drawings and sketches into 3 dimensional reality. In Design and Technology our aim is to enable students to explore and develop their own creative abilities and problem solving skills through a range of materials, processes and experiences in our well resourced department. User centred design is fundamental to what we do so we enable students to design for others in an inclusive way with a developed understanding of how human activity impacts on the environment.

Key Stage 3

The KS3 course is designed to enable the students to experience a broad range of material areas and develop knowledge and skills that will help them to create prototypes. Throughout this early phase, we aim to build up a portfolio of design and make skills where students can gain experience in areas that might be unfamiliar, to use technology when designing and making and enjoy developing products that they can test with their peers. At KS3 students work through a wide variety of topics between Year 7 and Year 9.

Key Stage 4

Students can choose to follow a range of pathways in GCSE Design and Technology. We currently offer a Timbers specialism and an Electronic Systems specialism. Both specialisms enable our students to apply their designing and making skills and use cutting edge computer aided design and computer aided manufacture technology to develop their ideas. As this course evolves, we aim to broaden the specialist choices in the future with other specialisms, for example graphics, textiles, metals and polymers. To achieve a GCSE grade, the students design and make a final product prototype in response to a contextual challenge. There is also a final exam in this subject covering core content across the material areas.

Key Stage 5

Students can choose to study Design & Technology – Product Design at A Level. This is a two year course and in Year 12 students develop their skills and knowledge from KS4. Students who have not studied GCSE DT at KS4 are still welcome to apply for a place on this course and we recommend students discuss this opportunity with us as soon as possible in the decision making process. In Year 13, the students can showcase their skills by designing and making a final product of their own choosing for a real world client taking a commercial design approach. There is also a final exam in this subject. Students often choose further university study in the fields of Product Design, Architecture, Interior Design, Engineering, or Electronics.


In DT students are assessed in a variety of ways but all practical assessments focus on their ability to Investigate, Design, Manufacture and Evaluate.

All externally examined assessments focus on their ability to recall and apply knowledge.

The ability to design and communicate a solution to a problem with a design portfolio (non examined assessment) takes place at KS4 and KS5.

Examination Boards

GCSE Design and Technology: Pearsons

A Level Design and Technology – Product Design: Pearsons

Resources to Support Learning

Google Classroom is used extensively across all Key Stages in DT. Students can access lessons, homework and other independent study tasks in each subject.

We also use the website to support lessons.

Careers Links

In DT we relate student experiences to real world design and manufacturing by using our contacts in local industry and commerce. We link with industrial mentors and bring in guest presenters when available.

Subject Staff

Mr. C. Watson

Mr M. Skinner

Miss L. Whitelock

Miss J. Kidd,