“Computers are incredibly fast, accurate, and stupid. Human beings are incredibly slow, inaccurate, and brilliant. Together they are powerful beyond imagination.”

– Albert Einstein

The world of computing technology is vast as are the opportunities to work in this field. Our aim is to inspire students in this subject and provide a broad range of practical experience and insight into Computing careers. Whether using computing technology to be creative or solve problems, students will complete their studies at DCHS with a foundation of useful computing skills.

Key Stage 3

Our KS3 curriculum is aimed at giving a foundation in many aspects of computing that will be help students during their studies and when they leave school. Some important aspects of the curriculum such as organising data, presenting information, website development and programming are covered in Year 7, 8 and 9 to further support skills that will be useful in the future and prepare students if choosing IT or Computer Science as an option.

Topics taught in KS3 are as follows:

Website creation

Algorithms & Problem solving


Computer systems

Spreadsheet modelling

Video editing

Digital literacy


Google Apps & Microsoft Office

How the internet works

Binary number systems

Digital graphics


Key Stage 4

Our KS4 curriculum currently offers two pathways; iMedia and GCSE Computer science. The GCSE Computer science course focuses on detailed aspects of computing technology including algorithms, programming, hardware, networks, number systems and many others. It is largely a theoretical course with two written exams work 50% each. Students choosing this course have achieved a suitable academic level at KS3 Maths and Computing, have a motivated interest in computer technology and often an interest in a career in this area. The official course title is listed below.

Edexcel GCSE Computer Science (2016)

The iMedia course is a multimedia course focusing on the production of digital products such as Websites, digital graphics and video and includes a written exam on pre-production design skills. This qualifications will assess the application of creative media skills through their practical use and provide learners with essential knowledge, transferable skills and employability in this sector. The course title and units delivered over the two years are as follows.

OCR Cambridge Nationals Level 2 Creative iMedia

R081: Preproduction skills – Written exam

R082: Creating digital graphics – Coursework

R085: Creating a multipage website – Coursework

R089: Creating a digital video sequence – Coursework

Key Stage 5

Our KS5 curriculum is a blend of multimedia and technical units, preparing students for higher education or a career in this sector. The Cambridge Technical Level 3 in IT is comprised of five units of work with two mandatory exams and three units of coursework. The first mandatory examined unit of work gives students the opportunity to understand computer technology, it’s use and application. The second allows students to understand the development and management of global data, a rapidly growing IT sector. The coursework units allow students to demonstrate practical skills such as creating websites and also skills relevant to the workplace such as the presentation of information. The units currently taught and course title are listed below.

OCR Cambridge Technicals Level 3 Introductory Diploma in IT

Unit 1 Fundamentals of IT – Examined

Unit 2 Global Information – Examined

Unit 6 Application Design – Coursework

Unit 13 Social Media and Digital Marketing – Coursework

Unit 21 Web Design and Prototyping – Coursework


OCR Cambridge Nationals Level 2 Creative iMedia

25% External examination 75% Coursework

Edexcel GCSE Computer Science (2016)

100% External examination

OCR Cambridge Technicals Level 3 Introductory Diploma in IT

60% External examination 40% Coursework

Examination Boards

Edexcel GCSE Computer Science (2016)

OCR Cambridge Nationals Level 2 Creative iMedia

OCR Cambridge Technicals Level 3 Introductory Diploma in IT

Careers Links

It is difficult not to see technology at work around us. It is however very difficult to understand the vast number of career types in this sector. During KS3, KS4 and KS5 Computing teachers will help students understand some of these and their importance.

Possible careers for Computer science and Creative iMedia might be:

Data science

Cyber security

Software developer

Ethical hacker

Data Security Analyst

Mobile Applications Developer

Computer programmer

Possible careers for iMedia students

Website development

Multimedia production

Advertising and marketing

Subject Staff

Mr T. Holt

Mrs M. Rutledge

Mr J. Adams