“It’s not just about being better, it’s about being different. You have to give people a reason to choose your business”

– Tom Abbot

Business A Level considers how a business can develop and maintain a unique selling point that keeps it ahead of its rivals.

Key Stage 5

This course allows you to study business in a variety of contexts, e.g. large/small, UK based or global and service or manufacturing based.

The key area’s of marketing, finance, human resources and operations are covered to give an understanding of how decisions are taken within a business. The competitive environment and the markets that a business operates within, along with influences upon a business and the impact upon the decision making process are discussed, including ethical and environmental issues.

How technology is changing the way in which decisions are made, and how they react and compete in the technological world are covered, along with the influences of stakeholders on strategic decisions, i.e. those made by the most senior people within a business.

Business within a global environment is studied, considering why a business may want to sell into overseas markets or locate its operations overseas. Benefits and disadvantages of this are examined.

There is an important emphasis on students critically examining differing business scenarios and making recommendations on actions a business may take to improve its current position. This gives the course a ‘live’ feel as students are encouraged to make decisions on real business situations, so they gain an insight into the ever changing business world and they can compare and contrast different businesses.

Students are encouraged to undertake their own independent research in a student centered approach to learning, where in many instances there may not be definitive right and wrong answers, the key is how you justify your recommendations.

Key business skills of interpretation, analysis, application, decision-making, evaluation and justification are developed, preparing students for the environment beyond education.


The A Level is assessed through three exams, each lasting two hours. There is NO coursework element to the qualification.

Please note there is NO REQUIREMENT to have studied Business at GCSE.

Examination Boards

The A Level is through Edexcel (9BSO). The GCSE which finishes in June 2020 is also through Edexcel (1BSO).

Resources to Support Learning

Google classroom is used heavily by the department. The Business site contains a mixture of video clips, power points and past exam papers with mark schemes. There is also important information on revision guidance and how to answer exam questions.

There are also two textbooks that we require students to buy. One covers Themes 1 and 2 which is Year 12 work, the other covers Themes 3 and 4, which is Year 13 work.

An on-going pack of key revision pointers, built from developing answers to past exam questions, is also available, and has been endorsed by previous students as an excellent resource to support learning and revision.

The detailed specification can be accessed through:

Careers Links

Business is an excellent A Level to have as it opens up opportunities in many fields, including Finance, Management, Marketing, Administration and Human Resources. Many students progress to study Business related degree subjects at University. It also provides a good grounding for students wishing to pursue Apprentiships.

We have also had previous students who have used their Business grounding to set up and run their own business

Subject Staff

Mr C Routledge

Mr K Broughton