Recently the highly regarded Ferio Saxophone Quartet visited Duchess to provide inspiration to our musicians. A wonderful opportunity to learn some new skills with practicing musicians! Mr Ridley (Head of Music) said ‘Having the Ferio Quartet come in to work with our students was an amazing experience. Not only were the group really informative, but they worked fantastically with all of our students. The students were treated to some high quality performances with a very insightful understanding of the pieces of music. It was wonderful to see how our students reacted to following some of the more complex pieces, and then totally engaging with a performance opportunity – something I am sure they will not forget.’

Students of the school were enthused and Sophie – 7JRT said ‘The Ferio Saxophone quartet are an amazing group of highly talented musicians. It is inspiring to hear music played in a new way like they do. After performing songs from different time periods to us (some not written for saxophone), they let us stand behind them and follow along their music. After showing us some techniques, they let us play the Toy Story theme tune with them. It was incredible to meet and play with them’. Adam – 10NB was equally effusive saying ‘I really enjoyed meeting the Sax Quartet. They were amazing at playing and really inspired me to do something with Music. I’m so glad that because of this I have the opportunity to sit in the pit of a professional band.’ Also George – Year 12 said ‘as someone who is unfamiliar with the saxophone as I don’t play any wind instruments, I found the experience both interesting and enjoyable. I learnt a lot by listening to the performance about how different textures work, how quartets function as well as some music history. It all helped me with my A level music course and I hope to apply the knowledge to my future compositions’.

Here are some images from the visit: