On Tuesday 15th October, the school poetry club was invited to go on a VIP visit to the Fusiliers Museum in the grounds of Alnwick Castle. This followed on from the visit we had last summer. We are currently planning a display of the poems that we wrote in response to the objects she showed us during the visit. Some of the poems will be placed next to the artefacts in the museum, and some will be film poems projected onto screens in the museum.
The museum also asked us if we would produce some writing to celebrate the museum’s 50th anniversary next year. We are also going to read the poems at a special event next year. Staff at the musuem said that the visit to Duchess which originally took place to set the visit up was the most rewarding school visit they ever had, due to the enthusiasm and respect shown by our students.
Whilst we were in the museum, a group of visitors approached Mrs Bush & Mrs Newton to say that they were all ex-teachers on a visit to Alnwick, and they were immensely impressed by the attitude and enthusiasm of our students.
I’ve attached a few photos for the Twitter account.
The students really did us proud and it’s wonderful to know that Duchess School poems are to be part of local history. The museum has 80,000 visitors per annum, so our poems are going to reach quite a wide audience!