Mock exams are an important tool that helps prepare students for, what many consider, the ‘main event’ in the summer.

Mock Exam Dates

Mock exams for Year 10 and Year 11 students will take place between 2nd March 2020 and 6th March 2020.

Why are Mock Exams Important?

Mocks help to establish what you know, and what you don’t

Regular tests are a good way to find out where your strengths are, as well as identifying the areas that require attention. Doing this at various points throughout the year gives students plenty of time to adjust to the pressure of final exams.

Mocks are a good way to hone your revision techniques

When revising for exams, it is important for students to find a technique that works best for them. Having mocks exams is the perfect way to find out what works, and what doesn’t, so that when summer revision comes around, you will have a system that has been tried and tested.

Mocks take the pressure off

Although mock exam conditions are slightly different to summer exams, they are still good practice. When students sit mock exams in a controlled environment, it is good preparation for the conditions they will face for their final assessments in the summer. Getting familiar with this kind of setting will make the end of year exams less daunting.

Timetables for Mock Exams