Start of GCE/GCSE Exams – Monday 11 May 2020

Final GCSE Exam – Thursday 18 June 2020
Final GCE Exam – Tuesday 23 June 2020

Contingency day(s) for GCSE/GCE exams (should sustained national or local disruption arise during June exams) – up to and including Wednesday 24 June 2020

From JCQ – For 2020, a contingency day has been added to the timetable – this might not be used, but there is a possibility that if there is a crisis, that day may be used for an exam. As such schools, colleges and students need to be aware that the timetable could change and students can be expected to sit an exam on any day over the exam period.

GCE Results Days – Thursday 13 August 2020
GCSE Results Days – Thursday 20 August 2020

Exam Timetables