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School tie

Black school V-necked pullover with crest

White shirt (long sleeved)

Formal black trousers for boys

Formal black trousers or knee length skirt for girls

Black leather or leather-type shoes

Please note

No Make-up or Nail varnish is permitted. NO jewellery is permitted except for a wrist watch, small signet-type ring and 1 ear stud (silver or gold metal) in each lobe. Eye brow, nose, tongue and lip jewellery is not permitted.

Outer Garments must be intended for outdoor use only; pullovers, non-uniform sweatshirts etc. are not permitted. Likewise hats are only permitted if it is raining or very cold and should be removed upon entry in to the school. Training shoes are not permitted and should be removed upon entry in to school, except during PE sessions. Knee length boots should not be worn.

Hair Colour must be natural. Streaks and coloured overtones are only acceptable if the colours are natural; even then extremes are not permitted e.g. black hair with blonde streaks or 3 contrasting colours.

Girls’ PE kit

Black and Red Banded Reversible Hockey/Rugby shirt.

Red polo shirt with school crest (Indoor and summer activities).

Black wrap-round skirt (optional)

Black shorts or gym knickers.

Red Football/Hockey socks

White ankle socks (Indoor/Summer activities)

Training shoes (must be non-marking sole).

Black tracksuit trousers for outdoors in winter

Boys’ PE kit

Red polo shirt with school crest (Indoor and summer activities).

Navy/Black shorts.

Black and Red Banded Reversible Rugby shirt.

Red football socks.

Football/rugby boots.

Training shoes (must be non-marking sole).

Whatever is worn should be worn 'normally'.

Sanctions will be applied to students not in uniform as outlined above.


All items of school uniform should be clearly marked with the student’s name.

PE and Games kit should be kept in a named bag and not left on school premises when not in use.


Students in breach of school rules regarding uniform without explanatory notes are likely to be placed in the inclusion room in the first instance. If in doubt, please contact the school for clarification.