The Sixth Form at DCHS has a great deal to offer, so it’s hardly surprising that a large number of our Year 11 students decide to stay on. Last year a massive majority of our Year 12 and Year 13 students stated that they would recommend Sixth Form life to other students.

Choice is the key word here: you have chosen to stay on in education in order to improve your qualifications and widen your range of opportunities. You also have the chance to meet the challenge of setting a positive example to our younger students.

We will give you much tuition, guidance and encouragement, but it’s the chance to be more responsible for your own studies and time management that provides the really exciting opportunity to prepare for the world of further education and work.

Our exam results have been excellent in recent years and rank amongst the best in the County. If you attend all lessons, meet deadlines and take care with your work, then you should gain your optimum grades. We want you to succeed and we will focus our efforts in order to ensure that you do so. If you are well organised and focused, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t also enjoy some of the wide range of extra-curricular activities available to our sixth formers. Sport, music and drama are just three of the areas that can lead to exciting and fulfilling projects.

Our students are given the opportunity to take part in important school decision-making by being a form representative on the Sixth Form Council. Our senior students, democratically elected, represent the school as a whole, at a variety of events and functions. You the students also organise the highly successful Charities Campaign, Holly Ball and Leavers Dinner.

The decision to extend your education beyond Year 11 is a vital one. We the teaching staff are here to help you make the choices that should result in much greater opportunities for you.

Work hard, take responsibility and enjoy what’s on offer in your Sixth Form. Past experience tells us that your time here will be fulfilling and memorable!