The school's policy is to enter students for public examinations where the student has a reasonable prospect of success. Entry fees are paid by the school.

Parents of students who fail to arrive at public examinations, without good cause, are liable for the cost of the entry fees.

If the school believes that an examination result is not a fair reflection of a student's performance, then the school may ask for, and pay for, a remark. If parents wish for a remark in circumstances in which the school believes that the original mark is likely to be fair, then this may still be arranged, but at parents' expense. If a remark paid for by parents shows an improvement on the original grade, the school will normally reimburse the parents, if the examination board itself does not.

If parents wish their child to resit a public examination, the resit fee must normally be paid by the parent.

Enquiries About Results Procedures

The Duchess's High School is committed to ensuring that all pupils have equal access to the full range of Enquiries about Results offered by Exam Boards.

The following procedures apply:

All requests for enquiries about results must be received by the Exams Officer in school no later than 7 days after the publication of provisional results to allow time for processing the request.

Priority review service

This service is available in the summer for A-level where a student has a university place pending. We must receive these requests by 12 noon on Friday 26th August 2016.

Requests for those who have not been entered for either AS or A2 certification, will be processed as a non-priority service.

Where a student wishes to make an enquiry about public exam results he should discuss it with the appropriate Head of Department or Head of Sixth Form in the first instance.

No request will be actioned without a fully completed Candidate Consent Form, signed by the candidate. Consent can also be sent via email to: exams@dchs-alnwick.org

No request will be actioned until appropriate payment has been agreed and received. The school will inform the pupil as soon as possible about the outcome of any Enquiry about Results.

External (public) Examinations

Once the public examination timetable is released it will be made available on this website as well as hard copies being issued to all students taking the exams.

Students and parents may find the following links to the relevant external exam boards useful as they contain past exam papers and other exam relevant information that students and parents may wish to view.

(If students are unsure as to which exam board a particular subject is linked with then they can ask their subject teacher who can provide them with this information.)

Link to AQA

Link to edexcel

Link to OCR

Link to The Welsh Exam Board

Parent and Candidate Information

Updated Information & Guidance for Written Examinations Effective from Sept 2015

Information & Guidance for On-Screen Tests Effective from Sept 2015

Information & Guidance for Controlled Assessments

Information & Guidance for Non-examination Assessments

Parents and Candidate Guidance


Exams Timetable 2017