The School and the Community

The Duchess's High School is a Community School where wide ranging educational and recreational activities are organised that seek to recognise and respond to the life-long learning needs of the community which we serve.

The award of Artsmark Gold status in 2015 recognising the outstanding work we do in the provision of the arts across all formats is an achievement our students and staff take great pride in and reflects the excellent working relationships we have built up with The Alnwick Playhouse over many years.

In addition to this we continue to establish good working relationships with local businesses through our work experience programme and also are in regular contact with companies about apprentice opportunities that might arise for our young people. We also have excellent links with the armed forces who regularly work with our young people and offer careers advice and we are currently developing excellent links with other arts organisations to promote career opportunities in these vital areas.

As we move into our new school in September 2016 and with the state of the art facilities that this will bring into our community we will seek, once again to make our facilities available for use by the local community and make them a home base for a wide range of community groups.

The school offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities and opportunities for working within the community and for the community to engage with our young people. In addition to our arts links outlined above we have strong relationships with local sports clubs, local universities and charity organisations which we are committed to supporting when opportunities arise. We have many opportunities for students to experience wider educational experiences such as cultural visits to China to our link school where local businesses have been integral to making this opportunity possible through sponsorship. We run annual trips to London, Stratford, Belgium and France  across a wide range of curriculum areas and believe that these experiences contribute to the personal growth and well-being of the young people in our care.

Sixth Form students have a well developed Community Service and Charities Programme, run by Sixth Form students, which continues to raise outstanding sums of money for local, national and international charities.

Our Citizenship/PHSE programme has been developed in consultation with external agencies who contribute extensively to its delivery. We engage with National Careers Services, National Apprenticeship Service, Armed Forces, Show Racism the Red Card and many other organisations to ensure our young people are aware of the opportunities and wider contextual issues present in our world today.

The Duchess’s Community High School wishes to continue to be at the heart of the community which it serves. We are committed to preparing young people to face the challenges of an ever changing world and also to encourage social responsibility for the community in which they grow up, live and in many cases return to work in. We wish our links to grow ever closer with those we wish to serve and are keen to continue to strengthen relationships moving forward and encourage businesses and local community groups to continue to contact us and work with us to inspire, motivate and encourage our young people to grow as young adults and contribute to the society in which they live.

Are you a local business or community group that wishes to strengthen your links with our school?

Please contact us on: admin@dchs-alnwick.org