School Closure Due to Adverse Weather or Other Reason

As we are no longer able to predict the weather patterns that we are to experience with any degree of certainty we thought that it would be prudent to send out a reminder of our policy and practice in relation to adverse weather conditions. It will always be our goal to open school as often as it is safe to do so in order to protect the learning of your son/daughter. We must be conscious too however of the safety of those students who travel a long way on potentially dangerous roads and recognising our responsibility to be sure that they are able to travel to and from home free from risk. We always consult with staff from other schools, RAF Boulmer, the Local Authority and people who live in outlying areas before we reach a judgement and hope that parents will accept the fact that we will always endeavour to make the right decision for the sake of the majority.

School Closure Due to Adverse Weather Conditions

In the event of school closure due to heavy snowfall making roads inaccessible,Radio Newcastle will be informed and they will issue school reports during the Breakfast Programme (on radio frequency 95.4) from 7.00am until 11.00am. There will be a daily update until the school reopens.

Additionally we will also be able to send any confirmation of closure by text and/or e-mail to all of those families registered with Schoolcomms. Should the weather deteriorate please check your mobile phone/e-mail to confirm whether any information has been sent.

Buses not arriving in the morning

Under normal circumstances, children are advised to wait 20 minutes before returning home or to an alternative base. In the case of extremely cold weather parents should, of course, make their own decision as to a reasonable waiting time.

Bus Company Telephone Numbers

A & P Sutton: 01669 621888

AA Taxis & Private Hire of Northumberland: 01665 606060

Amble Taxis: 01665 710988

Arriva: 0191 5204231

Barrons Mini Buses: 01668 219100

Blue Diamond: 01670 850173

DDM private hire Ltd: 01668 283023

Geoff Moore: 01665 604492

Glen Valley Tours: 01668 281578

Hedgeley Motoring Services: 01668 281873

Hunters Taxis: 01665 720400

Kensway Travel: 01670 843773

Knights Taxis: 01665 714555

NEED Limited: 01665 605780

Northumbria Mini Coaches: 01670 519952

Parks Taxi: 01665 720542

Phoenix Taxis: 01670 540222

Rothbury Motors: 01665 606616

Snaiths: 01830 520609

Sovereign Taxis: 01665 602200

Travelsure: 01668 219291

Early Closure during the School Day

As you will appreciate, there may be times when we are advised that, as a result of worsening weather during the school day, that we should close. In this circumstance we will inform parents of any decision we may make by Schoolcomms and, no doubt, students themselves will make additional direct contact with family members to ensure that they are aware of what is happening. We hope that where needed, parents, conscious of what is happening in relation to weather conditions, will have made alternative arrangements so that students are fully aware of what is expected of them. I trust that this is all in order but should you need clarification of any point please do not hesitate to contact me.


Even for older students, it is always good to have a back-up plan (especially if secondary transport is involved) so that both you and your child know what they should do if things don’t go according to plan, for example, they miss the bus, their phone battery has died, they can’t reach you in an emergency - perhaps a relative or friend that they should go to.