Mission Statement

This option is designed to offer personal support to those students who need some additional help with their chosen options, with a particular emphasis on maths and English.

Students will be identified by their Director of Learning and our Special Educational Needs Coordinator.

During the lessons students will:

  • get extra assistance with classwork (with priority given to English and maths);

  • be supported with coursework / controlled assessments;

  • receive help with homework;

  • participate in sessions designed to improve literacy and numeracy skills.

There is a great deal of flexibility and personalisation because this course is about meeting any personal priorities / needs students might have and ensuring that they get the very best support available.

Courses Offered

There is no formal qualification available through this option. However we do expect that the help students get in Personal Support lessons will enable them to gain higher grades in other subjects.

Staff Contact List

Miss N Richardson (The Special Educational Needs Coordinator)


Mrs K Death (Literacy Coordinator / Specialist Dyslexia Teacher)