Today 112 students received their results from two years of study. It was a real privilege to see so many of our young people achieve such positive outcomes after all their hard work. Students enter our Sixth Form at a variety of levels and it is our aim to make sure that they leave us having made good progress and achieved their individual goals. We have also seen them mature into wonderful young people.

This year has seen the majority of subjects now being assessed predominantly by exams at the end of the two years. Student have faced large numbers or exams across their subjects and there is no doubt this has increased the levels of anxiety amongst many.

Twenty students have achieved at least two A/A* (or Distinction) grades in their subjects with eight students achieving three or more. Once again approximately half of the grades awarded were at B or above.

Of the 112 students, over 80 have applied to universities with others either taking a gap year, taking up apprenticeships or full time employment. What is a growing trend both in school and nationally is the number of unconditional offers given by universities (more than 10%). There is divided opinion as to whether these kind of offers help or hinder students in their Sixth Form studies. As always we have students going to a range of universities including one to Oxford, six to Durham plus other favourites including Newcastle, Northumbria, Leeds, York and Sheffield. Courses chosen are again varied and include the following:


Engineering (Electrical, Chemical, Mechanical, Aeronautical)




Humanities and Social Sciences

Literature and the Arts

Healthcare and Nursing

Education and Childcare

Business / Economics

Film and Performing Arts


For so many of our young people to have achieved such impressive results is testament to their hard work and dedication. It also shows the genuine support that parents and the wider community give our students. We wish them every success in their future lives.

Finally I would like to thank my colleagues for their continued hard work in supporting all of our students. Over many years we have had a very positive reputation for providing breadth of experiences and impressive outcomes for our Sixth Form students. We will do everything we can to make sure this continues.

Maurice Hall