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The PE Department

The department aims to raise the aspirations of young people of all abilities by educating them to the highest measurable standards by providing them with a varied, rich diet of activities and experiences.

Since the school opened in 1979, individuals and teams have experienced success at Area, County, Regional and National level and 20 students have won National Representative Honours whilst at school.


Physical Education is valued as an important part of the curriculum in Year 9 for all pupils.

The programme in Year 9 is taught in single sex groups. The girls are taught: Hockey, Netball, Dance, Gymnastics, Trampolining, Athletics, Tennis and Rounders. The boys are taught: Football, Rugby, Basketball, Gymnastics, Athletics, Tennis, Health Related Fitness, Softball, Badminton, Volleyball and Cricket.


The work in Years 10 & 11 is to prepare for and encourage participation in leisure and sport when pupils leave school.

In Years 10 & 11 the programme is developed so that pupils have the opportunity to take part in activities as varied as Hockey, Netball, Rugby, Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton, Tennis, Trampolining, Aerobics, Table-tennis, Weight Training, Health Related Fitness, Cross-country, Athletics, Rounders and Softball.


(Full and short course)

Exam PE attracts large numbers of students in Years 10 & 11. Pupils who opt for this course study different methods of training, diet and how the body functions during exercise. The role of sport in society plays a major factor as well as developing individual skills in a variety of sports.

AS & A2

Sports Studies and Sports Leadership

Many students opt to develop their GCSE knowledge and sport specialisms by studying A level PE. In Year 12 the course covers Anatomy & Physiology, Skill Acquisition and Contemporary Issues in Sport. Students progress onto studying in Year 13 Exercise Physiology, Sport Psychology and History of Sport. Senior students can also study the CSLA course.

Extra Curricular Sport

The PE department aims to encourage all pupils to take part in extra sporting activities.

Duchess's School Hockey squad in Italy

Duchess's School Hockey squad in Italy

A large range of activities are offered to help pupils develop and extend their talents in school and representative teams. Competitions are organised within school on an inter-house basis to ensure that as many pupils as possible take part in team sports. In addition clubs are provided to allow pupils to participate on a recreational basis. Students are given frequent opportunities to play or compete at all levels. There are regular opportunities to tour, and recent tours include:

Hockey: South Africa, Italy and Scotland
Rugby: South Africa, Italy, Spain, Ireland
Netball: Ireland

The Duchess’s Community High School has a very successful and thriving PE department and we are very proud of our students whether they compete nationally or at school team level.

School Rugby - Playing Kit

Below can be found a link to a site offering bespoke playing kit for school rugby.

Sports Fixtures

Fixtures and other sports information can be found on the PE Departments own website.

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