Sunday 20th April

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Striving For Success For All

Welcome to The Duchess's Community High School. I believe that this is a school with a real desire to support and challenge everyone so that they can Strive for Success; so that they can dare to believe that they are capable of great things; so that they recognise and value their position within this close knit community both within this school and beyond.

We are a Technology College in its broadest sense. We use technology where it is appropriate to support the learner in their quest for understanding and knowledge. We are also a people centred community that recognises that face to face contact is always the most effective form of communication.

Lifelong enjoyment of learning stems from school. We want this to be a central theme for the future of The Duchess's Community High School. I hope you will all want to be part of this and value our efforts in developing and moulding the future of your children and our students.

I look forward to working in partnership with you.

Maurice Hall

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